My Top 5 Must Have Fitness Items – August Writing Challenge #20

Today is day 20 of the August Health/Fitness Blogger Challenge and we are talking about our 5 must have fitness items.

Here are my Top 5 Must Have Fitness Items:

1. Running Shoes – Good running shoes are a MUST! I have been running in Asics Gel Nimbus shoes forever, and although I LOVE them, I’m thinking of trying something new…any suggestions? I’m thinking of trying out a pair of Nike’s…are they any good?

gel nimbus

2. GPS Watch – I have the Garmin 410 GPS Watch and I love it! The detail it gives about my runs is unbelievable! It tracks pace, distance, time, calories, heart rate….it has a training partner, will do 10 & 1’s… its crazy! And, I upload it to my computer so its a great way to keep track of all of my runs and monitor my progress.

3. Water Bottle – no matter what type of workout I’m doing, a water bottle is a must!

lulu water bottle

4. Ipod – I love working out to music and have FINALLY updated my ipod! I now have some new running tunes on there, as well as an audiobook. I’m all set!


5. Foam Roller – I love, love, love my Trigger Point Foam Roller. I’m not much of a post run stretcher, but a few minutes on this after a great workout makes a huge difference in how I feel the next day!

foam roller

So, those are my 5….

What are your 5 must have fitness items?


6 responses to “My Top 5 Must Have Fitness Items – August Writing Challenge #20

  1. I need to use my roller more. I am the worst at stretching!

  2. I am considering the 410! How does it feel on your wrist? I am nervous because of the bezel wheel. So many negative reviews. Also positive ones so I am torn.

    I live my Brooks shoes. Ive had two pair!!

    • I really like the 410. The bezel does take some getting used to, but you can easly turn it on and off.

      Maybe I will try on a few pairs of brooks. Thanks!

  3. Ah the foam roller! This is my next big purchase on my way to becoming a ‘serious runner’, plus, I’ve heard that they’re great to help with IT band issues (which I’m unfortunately having). Great post – keep it up 🙂

    • Thanks!

      And the foam roller is amazing for IT issues…you should definitely get one! It’s like getting a massage every day…could it get any better than that?!

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