What’s Your Proudest Moment? – August Writing Challenge #18

Today’s Blogger Challenge Question is: What’s your proudest moment?

One of my proudest moments in life, aside from giving birth to my children, was when I won a an Outstanding Teacher Award in 2003.

Here’s the story…

It was the beginning of second semester and I was teaching a Grade 9 Girls Phys. Ed class. About three weeks into classes, I was called into the office for a meeting because one of my students, a 14 year old girl, was just diagnosed with a brain tumor, and would probably not be returning to school for the rest of the year. We were meeting to decide how and what we could do to help her get at least a few of her credits so she would not be too far behind when she returned the following September.

Without giving it a second though, I stepped up to home school her. I taught her family studies, science, English and Phys.ed. I met with her two to three times a week – sometimes at her house, sometimes at the hospital – at one point she was in the hospital for over a month as she had a stem cell extraction, cleanse, and transplant. I met with her whenever she felt up to it – on my lunch, after school and on weekends. I later found out that I was the only person outside of her immediate family that she allowed to see her during her illness.

By the end of June, she had put in all the required hours, done all the tests and assignments, and written the required exams – she earned all 4 if her credits!

The plan was for her to do one summer credit – which I tutored her through – get some rest over the summer, continue treatment, and return to school in the fall. Well, unfortunately things didn’t go as planned, and she was not able to return to school that September.

So, I home schooled her again. We aimed for 6 credits, and once again she earned them all.

I actually ended up homeschooling her for 4 years. She did return to school here and there, but never actually completed a full semester in the building. After taking an extra year to finish the last of her required credits – she graduated – something she, nor her parents were sure would happen. And I must admit, it was an honor to watch her walk across the stage, knowing I was a huge part of her success.

She has now completed an undergraduate degree and just this past June, graduated from Teachers College.

I know that her she and her family are extremely grateful for the opportunity I have given her.

Im not sure they will ever really understand how much this opportunity gave me. I learned so much from this young girl and her family. Strength, courage, determination, perseverance, optimism, the list goes on and on.

To this day, we still see each other regularly, and she will forever be a part of my life. I love her and her family very much.

Well, time to go and dry my tears!

What’s your proudest moment?

4 responses to “What’s Your Proudest Moment? – August Writing Challenge #18

  1. Wow! What an accomplishment, you should be proud. And you made me teary. Her family is so lucky to have you as part of their lives.

  2. What a great thing to do. You went above and beyond. I wish there were more teachers like you in the world.


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