5 Weird Things I Love – August Writing Challenge Day #10

Today is day 10 of The August Healthy Living/Fitness Blogger Challenge being hosted by Fitness Cheerleader. I’m totally loving this challenge, there have been a couple of deep topics and some fun, light-hearted ones too!

Today’s Blogger Challenge Question is: What are 5 weird things you love? Hmmm, this is a bit of a tough one since everyone has a different take on what’s considered weird, but, oh well, here’s my list…

Watered Milked down chocolate milk. I absolutely love chocolate milk, but find it way too thick and sweet straight up – so I cut it with a little white milk – probably about half and half.

Sweating. I love being super sweaty after a workout! I admit, it’s kinda gross, but for me, if I don get a huge sweat on I kinda feel like I didn’t work hard enough!


Scrapbooking. Although not really that wired, very few of my friends do it. I think it’s a great to present your memories – I mean people take tons and tons of pictures but never go back and look at them…whats the point of that? My two and a half year old daughter loves looking at her first year albums and that makes it totally worth being called a “scissor monkey” by my friends!

Sleeping on fresh sheets. I always have such an awesome sleep the first night of clean sheets. I don’t know what it is, but I love it!

Mexican food. I love, love, love mexican food…so much so that I’m pretty sure I could eat it every day!

Weird? I don’t know…maybe….

What are 5 weird things you love?


3 responses to “5 Weird Things I Love – August Writing Challenge Day #10

  1. Liquid awesome.. love it!!
    Fresh sheets are THE BEST.. I hate doing laundry, but once I’m sleeping on those clean sheets, ahh… just such an awesome feeling!
    And Mexican food.. tortilla chips and salsa are my number one weakness.. I successfully did a month without them recently, and I’ve now reduced my habit from 2-3x a week down to less than once a month.. whoo! 😉

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