The Worst Injuries I’ve Ever Had – August Writing Challenge #8

Today’s Blogger Challenge is to write about my worst injuries

Of course, I’ve had the usual sprain and strains, but, Wow…I’ve had a few doozies too!

In high school I blew out my knee…torn ACL, MCL, and cartilage playing basketball in Grade 11. This totally sucked, I ended up needing surgery to fix it, but I was young and healed fast. Since my original injury way back when, I’ve reinjured the same knee and had surgery 4 more times! Brutal!


In my first year of teaching…almost 15 years ago, I injured myself playing indoor soccer. I had what is called a Complete Orbital Blowout. Basically I broke all the bones surrounding my eye and the right side of my face went from my nose pretty much straight back to my ear…it was pretty gross! Unfortunately, my mom would not take a picture of me with my ‘broken face’ so i have nothing to show. Trust me…it wasn’t pretty! My nose bled like a tap because I cracked open my sinus and left a huge puddle on the turf – they actually used a wet/dry shop-vac to suck it up! Disgusting! I needed plastic surgery to repair it and now have 4 teeny tiny screws in my head just under my right eyebrow and a mesh plate in my cheekbone.


My most recent injury, and one I am still dealing with today, is stress fractures in my foot and at the base of my tibia. At the beginning of June I fractured my 2nd and 4th metatarsals as well as just above the medial malleolus of my tibia. I spent 7 weeks in a boot cast and now that the fracture sites are healed, I am dealing with extreme stiffness in my ankle as well as arch pain and pain in the bones of my ankle, mainly the talus and navicular.

20120808-143028.jpg Source

What are your worst/biggest injuries?


2 responses to “The Worst Injuries I’ve Ever Had – August Writing Challenge #8

  1. You look so put together for someone that has been beat all apart 😉 I think I could deal with a leg or foot injury, but on your face.. yikes! How scary!

  2. It was a little scary…thankfully I had a good plastic surgeon!

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