I’m a Morning Girl! – August Writing Challenge #2

Today’s Blogger Challenge Question is: Do You Workout In the Morning or at Night? Why?

Since I am currently on maternity leave, I get to hit the gym in the mornings for my favourite group ex classes. My whole workout schedule is pretty much dictated by the gym daycare schedule, since my husband is not home during the day, and rarely home in the evenings.

I know when I return to work in January that things are going to change, but thankfully I am a high school Health and Physical Education teacher, and I usually teach at least one Fitness class a semester. This guarantees me at least 60 minutes of workout time a day. I will also be taking advantage of my lunch break and getting in a few runches!! Thanks Janice for making a lunchtime run sound so fun!


4 responses to “I’m a Morning Girl! – August Writing Challenge #2

  1. It really depends on how tired I am, or what my schedule is. Like today, I would have gotten a workout in, had I not had a breakfast meeting at 8, but the good news is that means I can work out tonight and still have time for myself before going to bed!

    • I have actually been going to BodyAttack these lasts two thursdays at 5:45 – kind of a weird time, a bit tricky with kids and dinner, but still had some me time after putting the kids to bed, which is an absolute necessity! I don’t think I could workout in the evenings all the time…once a week throws a big enough curve into our schedule!

      Its nice to have the flexibility, super jealous of your sleep in!!

  2. I have tried many, many times to get up early and workout….not happening! I would like to be “that person” but I have faced the fact that I am not a morning person 🙂 I do all my working out in the evenings…..Oh well as long as I’m working out!!! 🙂

    • A workout it a workout, doesn’t matter what time of day you get it done, as long as you get it done!

      I’m totally a morning person – well, a little less of one now that I have 2 kids, but I am exhausted in the evenings, my tank is empty!

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