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Motivational Monday: Either You Want It, Or You Don’t!


The Week Ahead

This week I am going to focus on three things….

No snacking after dinner.

Start working my cardio. I’m super excited to be boot-less and can’t wait to get back to BodyAttack and running. I know I need to take it SLOW and work my way back into things, but I’m ready! Here is my workout plan for the week.

Monday – walk
Tuesday – BodyAttack – LOW impact only!
Wednesday – walk
Thursday – BodyAttack – LOW impact again
Friday – run/walk
Saturday – rest
Sunday – run/walk

Of course all of this depends on how my foot feels, but it’s been 7 weeks since I was diagnosed with stress fractures, and I’m hoping things are fully healed.

Go to the zoo!

What are you focusing on this week?

Friday Foodbyte – Top Ten Foods That Burn Belly Fat

Every once in a while I get the chance to putter around on Pinterest and I often come across pins like this:


And I wonder, is this for real? Do these 10 foods really fight belly fat?

I mean, there is really no accountability when it comes to pinning something, anyone can pin anything and no one checks to see if what you are saying is legit.

Well, in this case, it’s true, these 10 foods DO help fight belly fat.

These foods are all Abs Diet Powerfoods – they do one or more of the following: help build muscle, strengthen bone, fight cancer, improve immune function, decrease blood pressure, fight disease, and/or promote weight loss. (source)

Here’s the skinny on these ten belly fat burning foods…

1. Oatmeal – this high fiber cereal gives you an energy boost, helps maintain blood sugar levels, and is filling enough to hold you over until lunchtime, which means no mid-morning bagel or donut! Choose plain oatmeal over the flavored options as they are loaded with sugar and add fresh berries or a little honey to jazz it up. Or, try this recipe for overnight oats, super easy and delicious!

2. Nuts – high in fiber and monounsaturated (good) fats, a handful of nuts helps clear your arteries and makes you feel fuller longer. Enjoy your nuts with a glass of water and they are sure to suppress your appetite! Be sure to avoid salted nuts as too much sodium raises blood pressure. Click here to find out which 5 nuts you should be adding to your diet.

3. Olive Oil – loaded with antioxidants and monounsaturated fats, olive oil helps control food cravings and burns fat.

4. Eggs – this high quality protein source helps build muscle and contains Vitamin B12 which is necessary for fat breakdown. Breakfast, lunch or dinner, eggs are great anytime!

5. Whey Protein – this high quality, animal protein, contains essential amino acids that help build muscle and burn fat. Add it to your morning smoothie and make it your most fat burning meal of the day! Click here for some delicious protein smoothie recipes!

6. Berries – high in soluble fibre, berries are a great low calorie way to satisfy your hunger and keep you feeling full. Be sure to eat your berries in their natural form (fresh or frozen) as opposed to in jams or jellies to avoid the added sugar.

7. Lean Meats – turkey, chicken, fish and lean beef provide the body with lots of energy and aid in muscle building. Did you know that it takes more energy to digest proteins than it does to digest carbs and fats? Yep, it’s true! But, be sure to choose lean cuts of beef, and avoid fatty meats like sausages and processed meats like bacon.

8. Whole Grains – eating whole grains, such as whole wheat bread, whole wheat pasta and brown rice, help keep insulin levels low and prevent you from storing fat.

9. Peanut Butter – natural, that is…no sugar added, unprocessed, just crushed up peanuts…is packed with monounsaturated fat that helps our muscles grow and our bodies burn fat.

10. Green Veggies – spinach, broccoli and asparagus are loaded with fiber and contain very few calories. Why not start your day with a Green Smoothie? Click here for some great Green Smoothie Recipes.

So the idea behind the Abs Diet is to incorporate as many of these Powerfoods into your diet each day as you can. Not only do these 10 foods promote fat loss and muscle growth, but they also have many other benefits such as decreasing your risk of heart disease and lowering blood pressure. Interested in learning more, click here to go to the Abs Diet site.

Check back next week for another installment of Friday Foodbytes!

Three Things Thursday!

1. Yesterday hubby had a rare day off during the week, so we took the kids to Canada’s Wonderland with our friends Jeff and Courtney and their two kids. It was Ryan’s first time (and Tanners too, of course) and she LOVED it! She was able to go on pretty much all the rides in the kids zone, and Tanner was actually able to go on quite a few too! We had a awesome day full of fun rides and water slides.


Fun at Splash Works! A great way to cool off on a super hot day!


Ryan’s favourite Ride. Lucy’s Tugboat!


Dads and kids at the end of a busy day!


Two tuckered out kids. Both asleep before we were out of the parking lot!


2. I got my boot cast off today! Woohoo! I’m soooo glad. I still have a ways to go before I’m back to running and doing BodyAttack, but at least I can walk and get back to building strength and improving my endurance! Not only do I have a bit of a bad tan line…


…but it’s crazy the amount of muscle loss that can happen in such a short time…my right calf is a little over an inch and a half skinnier than my right! Wow!

3. Big Brother started last week, and I’m loving it! I don’t watch a lot of tv – actually, besides treehouse, I don’t really watch any. Big Brother is my guilty pleasure… I think I have watched every one of the 13 seasons to date…sad, I know, but I love it! And, since it’s already 9:30, I’m going to cut this post off here and fire up the PVR so I can get started on tonight’s episode. Gotta see who gets evicted…I kinda hope it’s Frank…only cause I’m not a huge fan of Boogie…man is he cockie!

Anyone else a BB junkie?

This Weeks Favourites – Reblogged #4

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Motivational Monday!



See Ya Later Soother – Part 1

My daughter Ryan is almost two and a half, and is ridiculously attached to her soother. Although she only uses one at nap time while at daycare, at home it is a whole different story. From the time she wakes up in the morning, until she goes to bed at night, that soother is with her, or very close by. At home, in the car, when out for a walk…it’s everywhere she is!

At least, that was until this weekend.

After returning home from visiting my sister this week, I decided it was time to get rid of the soother. I also decided that this would happen in two parts….Part 1 – soother only at nap time and bedtime…Part 2 – getting rid of the soother all together.

After prepping Ryan friday afternoon and evening that she was going to have to leave her soother in her room starting tomorrow, we stared Part 1 first thing Saturday morning. When Ryan woke up in the morning, we asked her to leave her soother in her room. We let her choose where she wanted to leave it so she would know where it was and that it would be in a safe spot. She agreed to leave it on her mini kitchen in her room, and then we headed down stairs for breakfast.

She asked about her soother once or twice that morning, but we reminded her that it was on her kitchen in her room and that she could have it at nap time, and that was pretty much it. She was awesome. Come nap time, Ryan was super eager to go up to bed because she knew her soother was up in her room. She napped like a champ, and when she woke up, she put her soother back on her kitchen and headed downstairs to play.

Today Ryan put her soother on her kitchen without even being asked and didn’t ask about it at all. Same thing after her nap. And she actually asked to go to bed tonight because her soother was up there. Wow, is this kid for real?

I was surprised at how easy to accomplish Part 1 of getting rid of Ryan’s soother. Im thinking that in a few weeks, when Ryan turns two and a half, we will attempt Part 2 – getting rid of it entirely. I’ve heard of people using the soother fairy idea and that sounds like a pretty good strategy. Anyone have any other methods? I’d love to hear what worked for you!