Clean Eating Challenge: Day 33

20120624-200207.jpgSaturday, June 23
Day 33



Well, today was a bit of of a Clean Eating roller coaster! It started out pretty good, but quickly went down hill, only to get back on track for dinner, and then totally off track for dessert.

I’m feeling like I probably should have stopped this challenge after day 30…I seem to have really been struggling since then! Oh well, 7 days to go…I can do it!

Anyways, here’s what I ate today…

Breakfast – Refrigerator Oats I got his recipe from my sister. If you are interested in a delicious, no hassle, healthy breakfast, click here for the recipe. It definitely tastes a lot better than it looks!


Lunch – Big Mac Combo– yep, I figured if your gonna do it, do it right! Man was it good. However, 20 minutes later I had a bit of an upset stomach and a headache. Won’t be doing that again for a while!


Dinner – Corn on the Cob, Grilled Chicken and a Tomato and Cucumber Salad with Habanero Cheddar Cheese. I actually forgot to take a picture of my plate…these were the leftovers. Oops!


Dessert – Turtles Ice Cream Cake. We finally got around to eating Dylan’s Father’s Day cake. Wow, was it good!


Water Consumption:
8 glasses

8.5 hours…woohoo, family sleep in until 8:30!!!


3 responses to “Clean Eating Challenge: Day 33

  1. welp…. that cake looks delicious…
    You are so close to Day 40! 😉

    • Erin @ Happier, Healthier, More Fit Me

      It WAS delicious!

      Yep, the countdown is on! I think its making it a bit easier to know there are only a few days left. And, it just so happens this is a long weekend – Canada Day – woohoo, warrants a corona or two – it probably should be a Canadian or two, but oh well!

      Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. Well – everybody has an off meal or so, but at least not ALL Of your meals were off track so that is a bonus. Sometimes i have a hard time getting back on track if i start my day off with something “off plan”

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