Super Fun Saturday

After a little running around this morning – doing some last minute Fathers Day stuff – we headed out to the Oak Ridges Community Family Fair just before 11 am.

We had never been to this fair before – we’ve never really been to any fairs before, but my husband drove past it Friday on his way home from work and though we should check it out.

I have to say, it was AWESOME! So much to see and do, and a lot of it was free!

Ryan had a great time, and Tanner, well, he’s just happy to do anything, so I’d say he loved it too!


After walking around a bit our first stop was to watch a clown make balloon animals. Ryan wasn’t too sure what to think of the clown…she didn’t mind him from from a distance, but was not interested in getting too close. In the end, she did not want to get a balloon animal.


Next, we headed over to the petting zoo. Ryan had been talking about seeing the bunnies at the fair ever since we told her we were going. Dylan and I weren’t sure there would be bunnies there, but what was first thing we see when we head over to the petting zoo…yep, bunnies! Ryan loved them. We seriously spent twenty minutes to half an hour just looking at the bunnies!


The we spent the next half hour feeding the goats. They were eating leaves right out of our hands!


Next, we ventured over to the pony rides. We weren’t sure if Ryan would actually go on one, but she did. It was her first time ever on a pony…not surprising since she just turned two in February! I think she was a bit nervous, but seemed to enjoy it and was all smiles for the camera.


As we headed down to check out the booths, we ran into Elmo. Ryan went crazy when she saw him, she actually took off and b-lined it right to him. However, once she got close enough, she got a little nervous again. Elmo was collecting money for The Purina Dog Guide Program, so we convinced Ryan to give Elmo some money as a way to get her close enough for a picture. With mommy holding her, she was pretty comfortable around him, and actually posed for a picture and gave Elmo a few high 5’s.


Time for some arts and crafts…which I now realize we forgot to stop and pick up on our way back…oops, hopefully Ryan doesn’t remember that! Anyways, she had a blast making a puppet….we actually had a hard time getting her to continue on, she probably would have stayed all afternoon and added more paint to her craft if we had let her!


Next up was The Fireguy. He was awesome! He was super funny and put on a great show. Oh Yeah!


It was getting late, so we headed over to grab some lunch – I had a Chicken Burger and Dylan had French Fries. As we ate Ryan and Daddy played in the park for a bit while Tanner and I chilled in the shade. Maybe a bit too much walking for someone in a boot cast…

Ryan then had her face painted…the girl no did it was amazing!


We finished off the day with a few midway rides. First up…the caterpillar roller coaster. Not sure this was a great place to start, especially since neither Dylan or I were allowed to go on the ride with her, but it was the first ride we came to and Ryan wanted to give it a try. I’m not sure who was more nervous…Ryan or Me…but she did it. Thankfully the ride operator put another girl in with her, so at least she wasn’t all alone. She made it around one time, but was bouncing around a lot, so the guy stopped the ride to see if she wanted to stay in or get out, she chose to get out.

Next up…the fire dog slide. Ryan was a little nervous to climb up the ladder, but loved sliding down. So much so, she actually went down again after a turn at the cars – which she really wasn’t too fond of…thankfully a group of girls was having a great time and she was distracted by them. We managed to get a few smiles out of her!


All around today was a great day! We will definitely be going back to the Oak Ridges Community Family Fair again next year! If you are in the area, you should check it out!


5 responses to “Super Fun Saturday

  1. Sounds like you guys had a great day. Love the face painting on Ryan…so cute. And that Tanner is just so adorable. He is just the happiest kid!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing your Oak Ridges Fair experience…. I’m glad you came and checked it out — see you next year!

  3. Hi
    This is exactly why the Oak Ridges Fair was started in 2003! Glad everyone had fun at it… Make sure you book off your calender for next Father’s Day weekend for next year’s Oak Ridges Fair. Check out:

    • Erin @ Happier, Healthier, More Fit Me

      Hi Chris, we will DEFINITELY be going back next year and I have recommended it to all of my friends! Great job!

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