Why Clean Eating Really is a CHALLENGE!

So, last night my husband came home from work with “a treat”. Since I’m Eating Clean – and he knows it – I thought maybe he would come home with something I could enjoy too. Ya right!

This is what he brought home…


Seriously, would one package not have been enough?!?

He actually bought 8 packages, but he ate one WHOLE package on the drive home! No joke!

When I asked if we really needed EIGHT packages, he said he could not resist…less than $2 each at the Peak Freans Outlet! MEN!

Apparently he is going to be if NO help in my Clean Eating Challenge! Let’s hope I have the willpower to stay away from these delicious cookies for the next 36 days. And let’s also hope there are some left when I’m finished this challenge…although I seriously doubt there will be!

Happy Friday Everyone!

And Happy Memorial Day Weekend to all my American friends!


2 responses to “Why Clean Eating Really is a CHALLENGE!

  1. SoulFoodLiving

    That is the worst when your tying to do something healthy and your husband isn’t on board!!! Throw those cookies out! Your body will thank you for it 🙂

    • Erin @ Happier, Healthier, More Fit Me

      Managing so far…and I’m almost over the tree day hump:) I’m quite surprised that I don’t even want them! I made some healthy cookies yesterday which makes it much easier to pass rig by the Oreos!

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