Three Things Thursday – Ready For Race Day!

Only 3 days to go until The Toronto Women’s Half Marathon! I am SUPER EXCITED and READY TO RUN! This week’s Three Things Thursday is all about race day!


Apparently I will be sporting a little Lululemon for this race…hehehe…its all so comfy and cool – I LOVE it!

Top – Lululemon Run Swiftly Tank
Shorts – Lululemon Run Speed Shorts
Bra – Lululemon Flow Y Bra
Hairband – Lululemon


Cliff Shot Energy Gels – Vanilla –                                                                                 The plan is to take one of these 45 minutes into the race and then the other 45 minutes after that.
Honey Stinger Energy Chews – I will be eating a few of these every walk break (at each  mile) after the one hour mark. They are just so yummy, I can’t don’t want to run without them!! 


Shoes – Asics Gel Nimbus 12 –                                                                                                      I have been running in Nimbus’ for a long time, and absolutely love them, they are so cushiony!
Watch – Garmin 410 – I just got this watch this week, it has one run in its history. I think I’ve got it figured out. I’m hoping to use the training partner to help my sister and I finish by her goal time!
Sunglasses – Ryder’s – These are also new…so much for not changing things up before race day! However, I may not need them, as the forecast is now calling for rain 😦 Refreshing but not so fun!
Waist Pack – FuelBelt – will be filled with water – sometimes the water stations just aren’t where you need them!

Let’s hope that is still the case AFTER the run!


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