What’s Next?

With the Toronto Women’s Half Marathon just less than week away, I am starting to wonder what’s next in terms of my running.

I’m thinking of lining up a few 5K and 10K races over the summer with the ultimate plan of maintaining my level of running fitness so I can do another Half Marathon this fall – AND train enough to reach my goal of a sub 2 hour half!

So, with that in mind, I started poking around the Internet looking for some races in my area. Here’s what I came up with…

June 3Mud Run Canada’s Dirtiest 5/10K – I’ve done this run in the past, it’s super fun and non-competitive. Not exactly sure I will be up for running a week after running the half, but if I am, this is definitely the one to get me back at it!

Here is a picture of my friends and I after doing the Mud Run a few years ago.


June 23Toronto Pearson Runway Run – looks pretty cool…it’s a 5K run down the airport runway…neat!

August 25Toronto Women’s 5K/10K – the second of three races in the Toronto Women’s Runs Series.

September 8Energizer Night Race Toronto – a 5K or 10K race through Sunnybrook Park as the sun is setting! I’ve never done a night race before, this might be pretty cool!

September 22Oasis Zoo Run – a 5K/10K race through the Toronto Zoo – I’ve wanted to do this run for a while, but something has always come up…hopefully this year is my year!

October 27Toronto Women’s 5K/8K – the final run in the Toronto Women’s Runs series…do all 3 and you get a special something!

Half Marathon options for this fall are:
October 7Ottawa Fall Colours (Half) Marathon – I’ve only ever done spring runs in Ottawa, and every year it just kept getting hotter and hotter! A fall run along the canal would probably be quite pretty! Unfortunately, I think this is Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada, so we’ll have to see!

October 14Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront (Half) Marathon – I actually did this full marathon in 2007 – the first half of the race was awesome…maybe I should try it again, this time only doing the half!

October 22The Niagara Falls International (Half) Marathon – This run starts in Niagara Falls, NY and finishes in Niagara Falls, Ontario which is pretty cool! I’ve also heard this is a flat and fast course…sounds good to me!

Ultimately, I want to keep up with my running. I’d like to continue to run three times a week, with my long runs being about 10K. I want to keep it fun and easy so that I’m still wanting to run when the late summer training schedule starts up in preparation for the fall marathon season. I would like to do 1, maybe 2, races a month to keep me on track and motivated.

I am also considering joining a running clinic at my local running room – hopefully my sister will join too! My friend Kathy has really enjoyed the clinics she has taken and met a great group of people. I think it would be awesome to have a group to run with and something to hold me accountable…The problem will be finding a sitter to guarantee I can make the clinic nights and group runs…maybe my nephew would be interested in earning a few bucks…hint, hint!

What are your race plans over the summer?

Any great races you would suggest doing?


3 responses to “What’s Next?

  1. You have 2 vine girls to babysit and their mom as backup! Go for it 🙂

  2. Erin @ Happier, Healthier, More Fit Me

    Perfect! Thank you! Will keep you posted as to what evening it is.

  3. did you find anything out about the clinic? i’m good for any day except tuesday. Kimmy says there’s a half in Hershey in October…that might be something to think about??

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