Three Things Thursday – Ryan Edition!

This post is dedicated entirely to my daughter Ryan.

Ryan turned 2 in February, and most days, it’s hard to believe she’s only 2! She is a super sweet little girl who is always making me smile and laugh – well, almost always!

Here are 3 random things about Ryan…

1. Ryan is currently in her second session of Gymnastics and is absolutely loving it. It took her a few weeks to get into it, but now she is trying everything, and improving every week.


2. Ryan loves to help out around the house, lately she is all about helping with the dishes and the recycling – she even likes to help take it to the street on garbage day – which is more than I can say about her daddy! Hehehe!


3. If you have or have had a two year old, you know they can be VERY persistent. The two things she asks to do about 10 times a day, EVERY DAY, are to go to the park to play on the swings and to fly her new kite!


Well, that’s what Ryan is up to these days. Hope you have a great Thursday! Only one more day til the weekend!


2 responses to “Three Things Thursday – Ryan Edition!

  1. I love the collage pics of gymnastics. They are great. Howmdid you get the, to go like that? She is such a fantastic kid. Love her to bits.!

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