Three Things Thursday

1. I’m running again! Last weekend I finally felt well enough to get out and run, so my sister and I headed out for a nice, leasurely 10 miles (16km). I was a little nervous as this was only my second outside run in my 8 weeks of training, but the run actually went really well. We did the run in exactly 2 hours, and except for seizing up through the last mile or so, it felt great!


2. I am ADDICTED to Viva Puff Cookies. This is no minor addiction….I have seriously eaten 2 boxes in the last 3 days. Now granted, there are only 20 cookies in a box…but still! So yummy!


3. Only 23 days until my Half Marathon! Yikes, that’s only 3 weeks of training – only 2 long runs (11 miles and 12 miles), 2 interval workouts, and 5 short runs to go! Wow! I definitely have a lot of different emotions this race…anxious, nervous, excited, proud….but that’s a whole different post!



2 responses to “Three Things Thursday

  1. Glad to hear you are feeling better! Sometimes rest is good for the body.

  2. happierhealthiermorefitme

    Thanks Candy!

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