Three Things Thursday

1. I’m Sick! After my crazy weekend away, I came down with a horrible cold. I’ve had a fever and chills since Monday and pretty much no appetite at all. Things are finally starting to loosen up in my chest, so hopefully I am on the mend – although it doesn’t feel like it šŸ˜¦ If I’m going to kick is thing, I definitely need to be going to bed earlier and drinking more liquids.

What’s your secret to quickly overcoming a cold?

2. I Skipped the Gym Today! Since I’m feeling so crappy, and yesterday’s BodyAttack almost killed me, I though I’d skip my run today and try and get some rest. I did get bit of a nap this afternoon, which was awesome, but I’m not sure one days rest is enough. I have a Skinny Jeans Workout tomorrow and a long run to do on Saturday. Maybe I can sweat this cold away!

3.My Secret to Drinking More Water. When I’m sick I have a hard time drinking water…it just doesn’t taste good. So, on the recommendation of my personal trainer, I picked up some MiO Liquid Water Enhancer from my local grocery store. I have to say, it did the trick. It’s easy to use (you just squirt it into your water bottle) tasty, and has no calories. I tried the Strawberry Watermelon flavour, but my store also carried Berry Pomegranate (which I think I will try next), Mango Peach and Fruit Punch. I also just noticed that there is MiO Energy which has some B Vitamins and Caffeine in it…might have to give that one a try on my next long run!

Have you tried MiO? What about MiO Energy? What did you think?

2 responses to “Three Things Thursday

  1. Aw man, I am sorry you’ve gotten slammed with a nasty cold šŸ˜¦
    My secret to getting rid of a cold is turning a blind eye to what needs to be done and getting rest, it’s honestly the only thing that works, along with fluids, and I prefer tea over water when I’m sick.

    Sooo glad you skipped the gym, you won’t get rid of this cold if you’re using the energy your body needs to kick out the germs…. Rest rest rest…. Taking a couple of days off will only help you get back to 100% faster. ( listen to the older wiser woman!)

    Omgosh….. I literally just saw the MiO at superstore tonight, I’ll pick some up and give it a try…. I’m soooo not good at drinking water šŸ˜¦

    Call me if you need a hand over the weekend šŸ™‚

  2. happierhealthiermorefitme

    Thanks Kim!

    That’s definitely what I needed to hear:)

    I realized I need more than one days rest. Since Up I’m up for a while each night after feeding Tanner, I’ve realized Im not getting the sleep I need. That, and the fact that i am up late preparing for a presentation I have to make at a conference in less than two weeks, and a course I am taking immediately following that. Intead of my old 8 or 9 hours, I’m getting closer to 5. Need to get that straightened out, and fast!

    Thankfully Dylan is home this weekend so I can get some rest then too! And thank you for your offer, you are so sweet šŸ™‚

    Let me know what you think of the MiO!

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