Family Fun Weekend!

I hope everyone had a great long weekend and a Happy Easter!

Mine was awesome! Lots of family time and a couple to not too bad runs!

Saturday morning my husband and I packed up the kids and headed out to the Aurora Easter Egg Hunt. It started off a bit shaky as we were greeted by the scariest Easter Bunny ever!

What’s with that? I would have thought they’d have a sweet,cuddly, soft, happy faced bunny for the kids to have their picture taken with…I guess they didn’t want people to linger too long! We sure didn’t!

Oh well, not quite the picture I was hoping for! At least we had fun doing a few of the activities…





…before heading into the forest to hunt for some eggs! Ryan had an absolute blast and found a ton of eggs!









After the hunt, it was time to head home for lunch and a nap. Unfortunately, not all of us got to nap 😦 While the kids napped I headed to the gym to do my long run. This weeks run was another 8 miles. I decided to take my iPad with me this time and watch a movie as I ran in hopes that it would make the miles pass quicker. I’d have to say that Bridesmaids was quite funny, and although it didn’t really feel like a good run, in the end, my time wasn’t too bad….85:15.

After the run, I headed home to decorate Easter eggs with Ryan. With only  a couple of attempts at eating the eggs, and only minor staining of the hands, we finished with  some pretty awesome Easter eggs!








Sunday morning we had a bit of a sleep-in since Ryan didn’t wake up until almost 9am!!! She may not have been sleeping, but she was sure quiet…I’m thinking it was the Easter treats the bunny left in her room that she wanted to eat that kept her so quiet, but whatever, it was pretty awesome to stay in bed until 9!

After a quick breakfast I headed out for my first outside run of the season. Thinking it would be more difficult than running in the treadmill, I was not really looking forward to it. Surprisingly,  it turned out to be a pretty good run. 5k in just over 28 minutes! And considering I just did a long run the day before, my legs held up pretty good. I’m super excited about getting out for more runs, hopefully the weather will cooperate and my husband will be home more to watch the kids 🙂

Next up…a road trip! Thinking that the kids would nap on the 2 hour drive, we piled in the car around 1 and headed to Brantford for Easter dinner at Uncle Ron’s. Of course, Ryan didn’t sleep a wink, which left the afternoon wide open for a giant meltdown! But,  being the awesome little girl that she is, she played her heart out and was super happy all afternoon and evening! That is until we got in the car to head home..where she finally had a second to relax, and the tears started to flow 😦

So, all and all, it was an awesome weekend!

What did you do this Easter Weekend?

Did you get outside for some fun and exercise?


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