Missed my Workout

Today was a crazy day! For the first time since mid-December, I actually had to set my alarm so I could be showered and ready to go before Ryan got up. After breakfast and dropping Ryan off at daycare, Tanner and I headed to St. Catherine’s for a meeting.

Since 2008 I have been a part of the organizing committee for the annual OFSAA conference. This year we are running the Women’s Sport’s School Conference, a professional development opportunity for female teacher-coaches from all over Ontario. Today’s meeting was a site visit, we toured Brock University in preparation for next months 2-day conference. Since I am presenting two TRX sessions at the conference, I needed to figure out a few of the logistics. The meeting was pretty successful and the girls absolutely LOVED Tanner! Now I just need to prepare for my presentation!

The crappy part was that we left for the meeting at 8am and didn’t get back into town until about 4pm. Which meant that I didn’t get to the gym today, which totally blows! I was scheduled to do hill training today, and need to figure out how I’m going to squeeze it in at some point this week, without totally tiring me out. I’ve got 4 options…

1. I could skip it entirely – which wont really help my overall training

2. I could do hills in place of Thursday’s 4 mile run.

3. I could do it before my personal training session on Friday, which would probably mean Saturday becomes a rest day and I do my long run on Sunday…or…

4. I could do it tomorrow after BodyAttack – not sure I will have any energy left after the class, but I wouldn’t need a warm-up so it would just be 6 hills and a cool-down.

What would you suggest?

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