The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly!

The Good:

Yesterday I spent the day Scrapbooking with my sister and some friends at our Creative Memories Consultant’s house. I managed to only get about 10 pages done which was not great considering we were there for 8 hours!! It’s been a while since I last scrapped, and as usual, I had trouble getting started. My pages weren’t very creative, but at least they’re done! Here are a couple of pics:

My daughter and our dog…


My daughters first time eating corn on the cob…


The Bad:

This weekend has been a bit of a disaster as far as eating goes. If you read Friday’s post you would know that I pretty much ate everything in site before going to bed. Well, Saturday wasn’t much better! We had a pot luck lunch at Scrapbooking, and considering I have no willpower and everything looked so good, I over ate once again. I had a some spinach salad, some quinoa salad, some homemade bread, fruit and veggies, crackers and cheese….and for dessert, I had 2 pieces of carrot cake and a Skinny Coconut Cupcake (you can find the recipe here). Everything looked so good, I just couldn’t resist!

The Ugly:

Today I had to run 8 miles. Normally I do my long runs on Saturday, but since I was going to be busy all day, I planned to do it today. So, this morning after breakfast the kids and I headed to the gym so I could run. We had to go to the Co-Ed GoodLife because the Women’s only one does not have daycare on Sundays and my daughter insisted on coming to the gym with me. So, once the kids were settled, I was good to go! I jumped on the treadmill and turned on my iPod only to discover that my battery was dead 😦 Crap, what now?? Thankfully there were tv’s that I could tune into…I would watch a little HGTV….but…do you think I could find the headphone jack so I could plug in and listen…nope! I’m such a loser! I looked around to see how others were doing it, but no one was plugged in…they must have all checked there iPod batteries before hitting the gym this morning! Anyways, I managed to run the 8 miles as planned, but it was the longest 83 minutes of my life!!!

Can you say sweaty!!



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