Dinner Sharesies

It seems like few breakfasts (besides the oatmeal pancake) actually give me the energy I need to feel great for my entire morning workout. Well, I can now add the Eat Clean Bake-Ahead Breakfast Quiche to that very short list. Not only were they super easy to make, they were AWESOME and I felt great through the whole BodyAttack class this morning. Check out yesterday’s post (Hills and Fish….Don’t Love Either) for the recipe – they are de-lish!!

So, after the gym I headed home, fed Tanner, threw some snacks in the diaper bag, and Tanner and I went to the movies! Yep, mommy and baby movies – we went to see The Hunger Games! This was exciting for a couple of reasons…one, I haven’t been to the movies in f.o.r.e.v.e.r – I think the last movie I saw was Cowboys and Aliens (I know, brutal!), and two, I absolutely LOVED the book and really, really, really, wanted to see the movie 🙂 It was great!

Tanner was awesome throughout the whole movie…some would say he wasn’t much of a date, but after his little nap, he actually watched!

Have you seen The Hunger Games? What did you think of it?

After the movie, we had a bit of time to waist before picking up my daughter. It was at this point that I realized I had no idea what we were going to have for dinner. We headed to the grocery store, and left empty-handed….nothing caught my eye. So, feeling incredibly lazy, I decided I would just pull a Delissio Pizza out of the freezer and that would have to do.

But….when I picked my daughter up, her daycare provider handed me a little Tupperware container…inside was a stuffed pepper!! This is what I am now calling ‘dinner sharesies’! This morning I gave her leftovers from our dinner last night, since she is a fish lover, and I am not,  I hoped she might enjoy what was left of our Tilapia Stuffed Baked Manicotti. She also had leftovers from her dinner last night and thought I might like to try it. Well, we both absolutely loved each others leftovers and got away with not making dinner…sweet deal! We have decided it would be nice to do ‘dinner sharesies’ once a week. WooHoo!

Don’t you agree that there is only so many times you can eat something as leftovers? Why not trade them with a friend? 🙂

One response to “Dinner Sharesies

  1. The dinner sharesies thing is a great idea!

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